I've used ActionMailer.Net by Scott Anderson for a long time. That is, until he stopped supporting it. Fortunately, Crossvertise decided to pick up the torch and carry it a while longer. Crossvertise’s repo of ActionMailerNext has made some improvements over the years and has provided Mandrill and Sendgrid api support.

For those unfamiliar with it, ActionMailer is a .Net mailer library that allows the use of Razor views to send templated emails. You can pass models and view data into a View to fully script your transactional emails. Crossvertise’s supports both HTML and plain text variants and will automatically send one or both.

Unfortunately, the latest version ActionMailerNext.Mvc5-2 NuGet package includes dependencies on a Mandrill package and a Sendgrid package. It also is targeted at MVC 5.2 instead of 5.3.

I was recently challenged that if you don’t like something in Open Source…. FIX IT! 

So I did. 

As of this writing, my PR is still pending but as I wanted to use it in a timelier fashion, I’ve published the NuGet package myself. If Crossvertise elects to merge my PR, they are welcome to ownership of the package, however until such time: enjoy.


PM> Install-Package ActionMailerNext.Mvc5-3