Last week, I gave a presentation at the GSP Developers’ Guild’s monthly meeting where I talked about some of the cool (maybe hidden) things that ReSharper can do for you. In this article I’m going to summarize my talk and give links to where you can get the Custom Live Templates, and Extensions. I realize that this post is lessened by not having some of the visuals (no projector, etc).


ReSharper Intro


ReSharper can do some really cool things. 


ReSharper can bulk fix code style issues like variable names conventions.




Code completion is made easier and code simplification is highlighted.


It  can also help with if statement nesting or showing you extra code that can be reduced.


New to Resharper 9 is finding references on NuGet. I referenced a type from MomentSharp - a DateTime library that I wrote - but I don’t have it referenced in the project. I can use the light blub or Alt + Enter and “Find this type on”.


Also new to ReSharper 9 is support for C# 6 features like string interpolation.

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