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.Net Core Copyright tag helper

I've created a simple copyright tag helper for .Net Core that will read your version information from appsettings.json Read more...

.Net Core error pages per area

I’m working on a new .Net Core MVC project where I have a front facing site and an area called “App” where signed up users will spend their time. Read more...

ActionMailer for MVC 5.3

Updates to ActionMailer for MVC 5.3

Elmah Code First Migration

How to use Entity Framework Migration to add ELMAH tables and stored procs. Read more...

Two Level Multi-Tenancy Part 2

Part 2 of a series on setting up a multilevel multi-tenancy application. Read more...

Two Level Multi-Tenancy Part 1

Part one of setting up a multilevel multi-tenant MVC application with Entity Framework Interceptors. Read more...

Resharper Magic Tricks

A summary of my ReSharper Magic Tricks talk I gave a the Greenville Developer's Guild Meeting. Hidden features of ReSharper that make coding easier. Custom Live Templates make Bootstrap even easier to use. Read more...

Making Bookmarklets Cool Again

If you don’t know what a bookmarklet is, it’s a small piece of javascript code embedded in a bookmark. In some cases, the script injects a javascript file into the the website where the bookmark was clicked. Read more...

Magical one page telerik reporting viewer

Pass querystring variables to Telerik's HTML report viewer and load all reports from one View Read more...

Divide By Zero :: Surface Hub

In this episode Alex and Jonathan talk about the new Surface Hub. Microsoft recently announced pricing for the Surface Hub that they showed off at Build. Read more...

Using Grunt to JSHint and JSCS your JavaScript code.

In this post, I'm going to show you how to get Gruntjs to check your JavaScript Code for quality in Visual Studio 2015. Read more...

How to get Grunt to compile your LESS files on save, and at build, in VS 2015.

This was just one of those annoyances when upgrading from one thing to another, but I’m glad to have found a solution. Take a moment with me to pause and mourn the loss of our Web Essentials compilers, and welcome Grunt Read more...


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